Better Late Than Never

Its better to love the moments you create
Than to hate the ones who hurt you

Its better to hope for peace and happiness
Than to wish away memories that made you

Its better to fight for all you love
Than to fight those you think love to hate

Its better to talk instead of shut people out, its a better life to enjoy the little ones
Than to hide them from those who appreciated them the most

Its better to cherish time, for it is what we have to make a better world for all we love, for all we want to make happy, its better to let go than to cling and its better to never give up hope while holding those that will hold you back

Its a better life for all who love without hate

Its better to carve a path through the mess
Than to follow course and get lost in confusion

Its better to have loved
Than to not have loved at all

Its better to be loved
Than to never have been loved

Its better to hope for a better life for those you love
Than to hold them back and hope for a return

Its better to hope for unconditional love for your loved ones
Than to hope for no love at all

Its better for Billy to be strong like Betty
Than to cry for his big sis when she cries

Its better to stand up and hold your golden gaze on the time we had, so hold your brother up and be strong my darling daughter, daddy will wrap you and brother tight once more for my love to you never goes away, even if the mother who loves you like I do loves me no more, for I only love more and more


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